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Photo credit: Mike McDermott

Trail runners who know … know that Bishop, California is trail-running heaven. Now all of trail running world knows. Bishop was rated one of the 8 great top trail running mountain towns on the North American continent in the September issue of Trail Runner magazine. Naturally those of us who live, work and play here (it’s tough, but someone has to do it) are not surprised by this accolade.

Nestled between two gargantuan mountain ranges, the Sierra Nevada and the White Mountains, both rising to over 14,000 feet above sea level (ASL), Bishop is perfectly situated to offer a broad range of trail running options. From the wide-open terrain of the Owens River valley, to the rocky outcrops of Buttermilk Country and the Tungsten Hills, to the jagged peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the west and rugged ridges of the White Mountains to the east – this is the good, better and best of trail running.

Trails vary in length, grade, terrain and altitude to provide something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned trail runner. What’s more the town boasts numerous other world-class activities for those whose passions are not so fiercely ignited by trail running. The trails are also great for hiking and mountain biking. The boulders and crags here are a mecca for rock climbers. There are numerous lakes and miles of river for superb fishing, kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding. And for the motorheads in your group many tracks & dirt roads are open to off-highway vehicles.

Bishop is the quintessential western American mountain town with an old fashioned Main Street with new-world facilities. In and around Bishop there are 24 lodging properties from the well-known national brands to locally owned and operated B&Bs, mountain resorts and a hostel. Campgrounds range from full service commercial, to serviced & developed, to free-of-charge dispersed locations.

Main Street stores and businesses offer everything from trail running gear to fully guided outdoor adventures, with great local knowledge and advice based on on-the-ground experience. Restaurants cater to just about every palate and appetite with just too much to list here. Check out our home page and see all our great mountain town has to offer.

So pack up your shoes, shirt and shorts – then herd the family into the car – and make Bishop your good, better and best trail-running/mountain-sports/weekend-getaway destination.

Good Run

If you’re a novice trail-runner and want to start out with a good, easy jog on a soft surface with the sun on your shoulders and a cool stream or pond nearby for a refreshing post-run dip then try out the trails that flank the Owens River. There are 40 river miles between Pleasant Valley dam and Tinemaha reservoir and countless tracks and trails undulate alongside the river over grassy banks, between tall reeds and over sand dunes. Running alongside the waterways of the valley floor provides little elevation change, but it has an almost limitless number of miles of diverse open terrain. The recently restored Buckley ponds have access for the physically disabled to be at the waters edge to fish or just enjoy the view.

Buckley Ponds

Buckley Ponds

Better Run

Buttermilk Road bears the Forest Service designation 07S01 and is 13.1 miles long between the two points where it junctions with CA168 near Bishop and 1.4 miles from Aspendell.

This is a major portion of the now well-known trail running race, the Bishop High Sierra Ultra Marathon, which is coming up again in Spring of 2017. This section of the race route runs on a 4-wheel drive dirt road that climbs about 2,000 feet in elevation. There are rocky sections, stream crossings, and a couple of relatively steep inclines. The road travels below overhanging tree arbors, over flat open meadows, and a few small, forested sections. If there has been recent rain the road can be very muddy in places with large pools of standing water.

It’s a great trail for an out and back totaling about 25-30 miles, depending on where you start, or to run either up or down with a mountain biker buddy and/or chase vehicle for recovery. There is an excellent mid point for a picnic alongside McGee Creek, where the trees are tall and shady and the creek is cool and refreshing. Depending on the rate of flow it’s possible to find an eddy for a safe dip in the invigorating water. The non-running members of your group can relax, refresh and cheer you on as you run by.

Buttermilk Country Trail Running. Photo credit: Mike McDermott

Buttermilk Country Trail Running.
Photo credit: Mike McDermott

Best Run

The best trails for the best runners and those aspiring to be their best are tough, high altitude climbs that reward with awe inspiring views and a sense of absolute satisfaction. Numerous single-track trails begin in the Bishop Creek Canyon area and climb to near 12,000’ ASL to summit passes in the John Muir Wilderness.

There is no better place for competitive runners to train at altitude. Few other regions offer such easy access to trailheads that provide an array of options to run long and high. These trails give runners the chance to test their legs, lungs and heart. For the love of trail running is more than just a passion for the sport – it is a driving force for those who live to run.

Winter trail running. Photo credit: Mike McDermott

Winter trail running.
Photo credit: Mike McDermott

Run Bishop Run

There is more than one trail running season in Bishop. High altitude running is best between late May and early October when the temperatures are cool and the trails are clear of snow. The foothills are perfect from late fall to early spring and, depending on recent precipitation, forays to slightly higher elevations are possible if the snow pack is not too deep. A warm winter sun and sparklingly crisp days make winter running alongside the river and valley floor trails a true joy.

Find more information on our web page about Trail Running Near Bishop.

Come on in to the Bishop Visitor Center at 690 N. Main Street to find out more details about trails, access, lodging, restaurants and all things that make a weekend getaway good, better, best!


A Fall trail run near Bishop Creek

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2 days ago

Anyone going to be here this weekend? This will be a great program.Interested in the night sky and nightscape photography? Please join us this Saturday, August 24th at Grandview Campground at 9 pm for a fun and educational program discussing the constellations, planets, importance of the Dark Sky, and an introduction to nightscape photography with ESIA Naturalist, John Kelly and ESIA Board Chair, Don Chambers. 🌟 Photo by Don Chambers ... See MoreSee Less

Anyone going to be here this weekend? This will be a great program.


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Sounds great, have taken grands to similar programs at Kensington in Mi. Loved it!

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2 days ago

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in doing a run for a good cause, please check this out!! Fight against cancer on October 5th by running or walking through iconic John Wayne movie locations and rugged western landscapes of the Alabama Hills. 1/2 marathon and 10K options.
Photo by @matthewcodyhudson
... See MoreSee Less

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in doing a run for a good cause, please check this out!! Fight against cancer on October 5th by running or walking through iconic John Wayne movie locations and rugged western landscapes of the Alabama Hills. 1/2 marathon and 10K options.
Photo by @matthewcodyhudson


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Wonderful picture

Love the Owens valley Alabama hills

Alabama Hill's a great place to visit

Beautiful shot!

Lone Pine Peak- Joe Kidd, Eastwood and Duwall

I imagine most folk on FB have no idea who John Wayne is 🤪

Kimberly Masters Huffman

Rachel Eads

Hey Dennis Cook Ever been to Bishop?

Tom Morgan lets go!!

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3 days ago

Not only are the bristlecone pines amazing, but the sunsets are pretty spectacular there as well!
Photo: @samrtoo
... See MoreSee Less

Not only are the bristlecone pines amazing, but the sunsets are pretty spectacular there as well! 
Photo: @samrtoo


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This is a great place. If you have a chance go see them.

I must get there before winter sets in!

Simply Beautiful☺

It’s a beautiful town

Loved my fall visit last year with a special opportunity ...a later than normal closure of the ancient Bristlecone pine forest ! Checked that off the bucket list

When we visited the Bristlecone. On the way up we would stop and pick Piñon nuts. The female comes of the Bristlecone is a beautiful blue/purple cone.

Have not been up there since 2009.

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4 days ago

Fishing fun! Check out our local guides!

Outside TV
Kayak fishing on Lake Sabrina in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains! Congrats to our latest August Campfire Video of the Week winner, Ed and Ed Go Fishing without Ed! Enjoy your prizes from FRDM, Sight Line Provisions, and Postfly! Grand prize winner will also win a rod from The Wade Rod Co. Show us your adventures for a chance to win and be featured on Outside TV, and stay tuned for other ways to win cool prizes from other brands like BUFF!
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Great times fishing there

My favorite place to be. I miss going to fish there. So many fond memories.

Miss being there. Bishop creek.

Awesome video

My bride of 42 years and I were just there last week! Such a great place to relax, fish & get away.

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