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Where stars shine, not street lights…. Bishop is one of the best places to enjoy the night sky. Our small town has very few lights, and our big backyard has seemingly unlimited stars. Below are some of the astronomical highlights for this year, as well as a couple of articles about the amazing night sky we have here in Bishop.

Astronomical Highlights for 2019

January 21: Total lunar eclipse
January 22: Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter
February 27: Mercury is at greatest eastern elongation, so this is the best time to see it low in the western sky.
April 22: The Lyrid Meteor Shower
June 10: Jupiter at opposition
June 23: Mercury is at greatest eastern elongation
July 9: Saturn at opposition
July 28: The Delia Aquariid Meteor Shower
August 12: The Perseid Meteor Shower
September 9: Neptune at opposition
October 8: The Draconid Meteor Shower
October 21: The Orionid Meteor Shower
October 27: Uranus at opposition
November 5: The North Taurid Meteor Shower
November 11: Transit of Mercury across the Sun
November 17: The Leonid Meteor Shower
November 24: Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter
December 21: The Ursid Meteor Shower

Blog Articles

The Night Sky in the Eastern Sierra

The night sky has captured the human imagination from time immemorial. Here in the Eastern Sierra the clear air and lack of light pollution make way for unimpeded visibility of the stars.
On a night when the moon is new the ribbon of the Milky Way is as obvious here today as it was….. Read our blog article The Night Sky in the Eastern Sierra

Eastern California Astrophotography: Beautiful Bishop at Night

With so much light pollution in the sky, there aren’t many opportunities for astrophotography when traveling, especially when visiting cities.  When we decided to head out to Bishop in Eastern California this winter, we were excited by…. Read the rest of Katherine Belarmino’s blog article about Beautiful Bishop at Night.

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