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Getting out in the winter can seem like a daunting venture. The cold, the clothing, the weather the skills needed and all sorts of other reasons. The hardest part of any mountain trip is often getting out the door and for a snowshoe trip into the winter wonders of the Sierra this is true.

But forget the image of a grizzled Alaskan trapper strapping on five-foot long snowshoes constructed of hickory and moose sinew and heading out into minus 40-degree weather – Modern snowshoe equipment is light and user friendly constructed of lexan or aluminum with quick release straps and buckles that make getting them on a cinch. If you can walk you can put a pair on and head out there and experience a Sierra very different to the summer one.

Generally, we have snow storms of short duration that can certainly drop a lot of snow but once the storm passes the weather turns back to blue skies and warmer temperatures and the snow quickly compacts giving easier travel.

The most important thing is a good pair of warm boots. Light weight hiking boots work but often get wet and once that happens the feet get cold quickly. Better to find a pair of “Sorrel” type snow boots and a pair of snowboard boots will suffice.

A set of ski poles, a day pack with water, food, clothing, gloves, sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses and you are set to go.
From Bishop we have a number of ideal places to get a feel for things. These are often snow-covered roads and the South Lake Road, Lake Sabrina Road or especially Rock Creek above Toms Place all give you great place to learn the techniques and provide safe comfortable learning environments.

Once you are familiar with the gear then step it out and go a little further. On a full moon night try booking a dinner at Rock Creek Lodge and snowshoe up under the light of the moon. Head to the White Mountains and for a unique experience try to reach the Bristlecone groves. Even if you do not you will be rewarded by the finest views possible of the Sierra.

Just get out and do it. Once out the door it is not as bad as it might seem from inside.

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13 hours ago

Visit Bishop

Sharing some great shots of Rock Creek and Toms Place taken by Jennifer Dunnigan and sent to us over FB Messenger. We love seeing and posting your shots! Where did you adventure today? ... See MoreSee Less

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18 hours ago

Visit Bishop

Who remembers sea monkeys? We certainly do and loved this video all about harvesting brine shrimp on Mono Lake. Thanks, John Bartell for sharing!

John Bartell
REMEMBER SEA MONKEYS (AKA Brine Shrimp)???? I recently went to Mono Lake just outside of Yosemite National Park. High Sierra Brine Shrimp took me out to catch the little guys. Not only do Brine Shrimp make good pets... they are also used as exotic fish food and farm grown shrimp food. Mono Lake is one of the few places in the U.S. where Brine Shrimp are harvested naturally. I am working on a story about the havest season. In the mean time watch this cool 360 video!!!
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19 hours ago

Visit Bishop

Another heat wave is rolling in next week, and we know that many of you travel with your dogs as we do. Bishop concrete and asphalt gets dangerously hot for dog paws on a sunny summer day, so please plan to walk your dog where there is water, grass, and shade. Some suggestions include:
Bishop Dog Park
Bishop Canal
Bishop Creek Canyon

The interior of your vehicle can quickly reach temperatures over 110ºF in the sun, so if you have to leave your dog while shopping or dining, consider the day boarding options at Bishop Veterinary Hospital or Relaxing Furr Kennels. Or, choose a dog-friendly option as listed on our helpful dog page: www.bishopvisitor.com/dog-friendly-city/

Always carry plenty of water for your pooch (and yourself) and if you can't avoid the concrete, consider dog booties. Check with our local gear outfitters or order online before your trip.

Have a great visit!
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19 hours ago

Visit Bishop

We're glad that CHP - Bishop takes the time to post some of the gorgeous views of the Sierra they see as they patrol the region... Beautiful! Thanks for all you do!After having a string of impressive thunderstorms roll over the Eastern Sierra, causing flash flooding on several mountain roadways, the clouds rolled back this evening to make a spectacular sunset over Mt. Whitney. @ Mount Whitney ... See MoreSee Less

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1 day ago

Visit Bishop

Incredible sunset photos popping up all over - after the rain the light was just amazing. This photo was taken from Swall Meadows looking towards the valley. Hope you got to see this sunset! Tag your photos with #visitbishop so we can find them! ... See MoreSee Less

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