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Superbloom. The latest Marvel Comic character? A new plant food additive? No, it’s the fabulous Death Valley wildflower phenomena brought to you by El Niño.

It turns out the desert has a sweet spot. It’s just the right amount of rain, sunshine, and low winds to coax all sorts of dormant seeds into life, and only once in a while do all these factors align to create a perfect floral storm.

Even without its wildflower splendor, Death Valley is a scenic wonder worth visiting. Wind-swept sand dunes, the salty crust of below sea-level elevations, and hills of reds, golds, and browns provide amazing geographic variety. But throw in a once-in-a-decade Superbloom and, well, let’s just say you’ve got to see it.

Michelle PetitLast weekend my boyfriend and I did just that. We took our dog and ventured into the desert to see what all the fuss was about. Most of the blooms were still in the lower elevations and at the Southern end of the park around the Owlshead and Black Mountains. The highlight was the fragrant fields of Desert Gold carpeting the desert floor off Warm Spring Canyon road (if you have four-wheel drive you can access some of these dirt roads where the blooms are the most intense). We also saw plenty of Evening Primrose, Ghost Flower, Verbena and Desert Five-Spot, popcorn flower (of course), and Encelia at higher elevations.

If you’re planning a trip, be sure to check this website for the latest on blooms. It will tell you where the best spots are and it seems to be updated every three to four days.

A word to the wise: all this bloomin’ attention has drawn plenty of crowds. There are lots of cars and motorcycles on the roads and even more people in the stores, restaurants, etc. We were stopped for over an hour when an accident shut down the road in both directions. Drive safely. And be sure to stop and smell the flowers.

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1 day ago

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Family Fun Day - mark your calendars!

3 days ago

Enjoy this bird's eye view of Mt. Whitney!

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"Hey Ma, top of the world."

That looks so cool! Thanks for sharing.

It's one way to get to or over the summit. Would still like to do it the old fashioned way. Will be sharing. Thanks. :-)



Ann Craig

Marcela Sedano-Jensen

Bree hiked that monster!! It's beautiful :)

Joe Shermer can see you doing this

Roger Klein lookie here.

I wouldn’t even fly a small plane into that area. Death wish.

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5 days ago

Should be a good week for wildflowers! Stop by the Visitors Center to pick up a copy of our guide to the eastern Sierra wildflowers and be sure to tag @visitbishop and #trackthebloom in your photo posts. Happy wildflower hunting!The wildflower bloom moves both northward and higher in elevation as Spring progresses. During the past week flowers were spotted as high as 5,000 feet in the eastern Sierra footslopes. Several wilderness areas west of Ridgecrest offer great wildflower viewing opportunities. Several canyons offer access points for hiking and flower viewing as visitors climb the footslopes. Thank you to all public lands visitors practicing #LeaveNoTrace principles while you #TracktheBloom! ... See MoreSee Less

Should be a good week for wildflowers! Stop by the Visitors Center to pick up a copy of our guide to the eastern Sierra wildflowers and be sure to tag @visitbishop and #trackthebloom in your photo posts. Happy wildflower hunting!
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