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Plan a long weekend getaway with our Bishop adventure blog, featuring outdoor escapes off the beaten path, where to stay, and where to eat.

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10 Perfect Places for Spring Camping around Bishop

You’re getting the itch to go camping in the Eastern Sierra, but unless you’re the hardy winter camping sort it’s a little too early to head up into the high country. Perhaps you bought some new gear recently or you need to dust off the old stuff and get things...

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Women’s Climbing Fest 2016

The first Flash Foxy Climbing Festival was a three day event that brought together and celebrated the growing community of women climbers. The festival not only reached veteran female climbers but also provided a safe space for beginner climbers to learn more about...

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Super Spring Hikes around Bishop

A springtime hike in the Owens Valley is pure joy. Daytime temperatures are pleasantly warm and the hours of daylight increase with each day. The trees and bushes are blossoming and wildflowers can be seen in the fields and alongside streams. There is a sense of...

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Finding Winter Wildlife in Bishop’s Backyard

On a recent trip during President’s Day Weekend, our outdoor touring group spotted about ten deer just outside the small village of Rovana.  Feeding on nearby plants, these docile mammals allowed us to get within a few yards of them while we snapped away on...

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Community Theatre in Bishop presents Chicago

Tonight … the curtain goes up on Bishop’s community theatre production of the Broadway hit ‘Chicago’. There is a palpable energy in this little Eastern Sierra mountain town in anticipation of this year’s Playhouse 395 show. Community theatre and the arts in general...

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6 Great Winter Mountain Bike Rides around Bishop

Winter in Bishop is one the best times of year for mountain biking in the area. The days are frequently warm and sunny and now as we edge toward spring the daylight hours are getting longer and longer. There are trails and tracks that challenge skill, fitness and even...

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White Pelican Migration in the Eastern Sierra

Many locations have spectacular wildlife observation opportunities and the Eastern Sierra can claim one of them. If one wants an awe inspiring experience with Sandhill Cranes, a winter trip to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, will not...

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Yoga in Bishop: Not Just Backbends

Not too long ago yoga classes were offered in big cities and urban areas but in small towns it was hard to find. Not so anymore. Yoga is so much a part of daily life for many that even a little town like Bishop has not one, or two, but four options for getting your...

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Winter Motorcycle Rides: On-road. Off-road.

Ride the White Mountains on your motorcycle! The Eastern Sierra is well known for its mountains and wonderful outdoor adventure activities. Many of these are human powered activities such as: hiking, climbing, cycling, kayaking, fishing, paragliding, skiing and … the...

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4 Fabulous Photography Features

Photography is a passion for many in the Eastern Sierra For those who live here or visit regularly photography is often a daily activity. Sometimes it’s just a momentary opportunity to snap a quick image. Other times it’s a commitment to time and place to capture a...

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Road Trip: The Land of Est!

This is the land of est … the highest, the lowest, the largest, the saddest, the oldest, the greatest, the longest and perhaps other ests you may discover for yourself along the way. US Highway 395 from Lone Pine to Bishop – 60 miles US Highway 395 runs for 557 miles...

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Motor Touring Round Valley

Read on for a motor tour of the Round Valley, Bishop area you can easily do in the morning or an afternoon. We recommend stopping by one of our friendly coffee houses for you favorite beverage before heading out on this pleasant loop, and it never hurts to throw a pair of sturdy shoes in the car in case you decide to explore a little more on foot.

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5 Free Winter Activities in Bishop

Bishop, a 40-minute drive south of Mammoth Lakes and 4,000 feet lower in elevation, is truly the heart of the Eastern Sierra. The town has charm and grace, the community is hospitable and friendly, and the landscape is … well … spectacular! Bishop and surrounds have...

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Women’s Climbing Festival

Flash Foxy is hosting a women's climbing festival! The inaugural festival will take place February 19-21, 2016 right here in Bishop. Even if you are new to climbing, the goal is that the festival will not only reach veteran female climbers but also provide a safe...

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Bishop Hot Springs

Baby, it's cold outside! But at Keoughs Hot Springs the water is warm and the sun is shining! Keoughs was established in 1919 and is the largest natural hot springs pool in the Eastern Sierra. Amenities include lounge chairs for sun bathing, snack bar for sustenance,...

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Falling in Love with Fall

When I tell folks that I love summers in Bishop, which tend to run into 100+ degrees on an average summer day, most think that perhaps the heat has addled my brain. Not so. I was conditioned to love summer, but now what I’ve learned to love even more is fall!

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Tule Elk

Tule Elk A hulking and magnificent animal in its own right, approximately 400 – 500 Tule Elk roam the Owens Valley area, mostly between Lone Pine and Bishop.  This subspecies (Cervus canadensis ssp. nannodes) of elk is not native to the East Sierra but is actually...

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Buttermilk Country

The Buttermilk road no longer carries dairy trucks from “Old Joe” Inman’s Dairy along its rough and rocky track that, according to local legend, could bounce and churn fresh milk into buttermilk on its way into Bishop. Now that the dairy has long since disappeared and...

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Be Bear Aware

BEAR AWARENESS Reduce the risk of close encounters with bears: Let Someone Know: where you are going and when you plan to return. Keep Children Close: to you and within your immediate sight at all times. Avoid damage to your vehicle by NOT leaving any foods, drinks,...

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Round Valley Mule Deer

Mule Deer Comprising one of the highest numbers of mega fauna (large wildlife) species in the Eastern Sierra, Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) can be found in numerous herds throughout Inyo and Mono Counties.  Look for their white rumps, black tipped tails and...

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