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Sierra Bright Dot Fly Fishing Report 06-18-2021

We’re moving into summer this weekend and the weather has heated up. Was 105 in the Owens Valley this week. Hatches of mayflies, stone flies, and caddis have the fish feeding on the surface. Nymphing continues to be the most productive method in most waters. Crowley Lake is starting to produce consistent fly fishing for those midging the lake. Pale morning duns and little yellow stones are hatching in Eastern Sierra waters. Hoppers have hatched and the nymphs are starting to grow. The hoppers should reach maturity, grow wings, in about a month. Euro nymphing continues to be the most productive method of fly fishing in rivers, streams, and creeks throughout the Eastern Sierra.

Lower Owens River Wild Trout Section:

There is little fly fishing pressure on the lower Owens River despite the flows back at 300 CFS. This the upper limit of safe wading the river. Fishing from the banks is limited to places where the tulles and willows have not invaded the banks. Gates one and two have the most bank accessible water in the wild trout section. Nymphing with lots of weight will produce fish for the nymphing fly fisher. Look for caddis on the water in the evenings. At 300 CFS fishing the margins of the river is the way to get to the best drift for your flies.

Fishing on Owens RiverAt 300 CFS fishing the margins of the river is the way to get to the best drift for your flies.


Hot Creek:

Interpretive Site:
This is the hardest section of Hot Creek to fish. The water is clear and slow giving the trout plenty of time to find faults in your casts and fly patterns. Mayfly and caddis hatches have the fish feeding on nymphs and adults. By 8:30 A.M. the trico hatch is well underway. The trout are taking the hatching duns and the spinners. Fishing is best once the spinners are on the water. The pale morning dun hatch starts around 10:00 A.M. During the pale morning dun hatch there is a caddis hatch. Fish pale morning dun parachute in size 16, trico parachute in size 20, and gray Kings River caddis or gray partridge caddis, gray parachute caddis,  gray Hemingway caddis, and gray Henryville caddis in size 20. Hatches of trico mayflies, pale morning duns, and gray caddis have kept fly fishers busy all morning.

Afternoon thunderstorms was the catalyst for some great afternoon
caddis hatches on the middles section of Hot Creek Canyon.

The Canyon Section:
A dry and dropper is a great set up to fish Hot Creek with the low flows in the creek right now. A size 16 pale morning dun with a size 18 bead head flash back pheasant tail nymph has been the productive setup. Mid-morning is a good time to switch out the nymph for a size 20 gray caddis adult imitation. Gray parachute caddis, gray elk hair caddis, and gray partridge caddis are fooling the trout. Pale morning duns have been hatching late morning. Fish a size 16 pale morning dun parachute.

Upper Owens River:

Above Benton Crossing Bridge:
Fly fisherman are targeting the resident and juvenile trout in the upper Owens River. The fish are feeding on trico mayflies first thing in the morning. Then they have a choice between pale morning duns and gray caddis. Nymphing is producing the most fish with size 18 bead head flash back pheasant tail nymphs, size 16 bead head flash back gold ribbed hare’s ears, size 12 stoner nymphs, and size 14 green gold wire Prince nymphs. Hopper nymphs continue to hop into the river offering the fish a calorie filled morsel. Fish size 16 or 18 parachute hoppers in tan.

A dead drifted nymph next to a cut bank can produce trophy browns like this one in the upper Owens River.

Owens River Gorge:

Summer temperatures in the low 100’s, rattlesnakes, and stinging nettles are a good reason to leave the Owens River Gorge fly fishing alone until late September.

Bishop Creek Canal Behind the Ford Dealer:

Day time temperatures over the 100 degree mark makes for hot fishing during the middle of the day. The wild brown trout continue to feed on nymphs. If you’re looking for rising trout try fishing with size 16 elk hair caddis from 7:00 P.M. to dark. Euro nymphing with perdigons, stoners, rainbow warriors, and flash back gold ribbed hare’s ears are producing trout all day long. Bishop Creek Canal is a great place to learn fly fishing techniques like Euro nymphing for the wild brown trout that inhabit the canal.

Nick Gavitte from Napa showing off a typical Bishop Creek Canal brown trout
caught while fishing a bead head flashback pheasant tail nymph under an indicator.

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