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The historic Bishop Twin Movie Theater, as it stands today, has been an entertainment venue for Bishop and Eastern Sierra audiences for almost 100 years. On the outside it appears to be little changed from its beginnings in 1925, but the two theaters have state-of-the-art digital screenings, up-to-date sound systems and comfortable seats with plenty of leg room.

The theater shows first run movies daily with two show times each evening, Monday to Friday, a matinee and two evening shows run on Saturdays, and Sunday showings are a matinee and evening show. Two new movies are screened each week starting Fridays with the occasional big blockbuster running an extra week or two.

Bishop Twin Theater at left just beyond Joseph’s Market.


Movie magic in Bishop started in the early 1900s after Harry Holland passed through Bishop as an entertainer with a travelling Chautauqua show. He liked Bishop so much that he quit the show and returned to Bishop where he opened the Bishop Gem Theater in the building that is now Rusty’s Saloon. He used hand cranked projectors and thrilled audiences with the latest films. One film in particular became a favorite for a scene of a train rushing head-on toward the audience. Moviegoers would scream, and Harry would back-crank the projector and run it at them again.

What Makes It Great


This is one of those wonderful movie experiences where you can decide on the spur of the moment to go see a show. Residents and guests in town can stroll or cycle the few blocks from nearby residences and lodging facilities with ease and in complete safety. Late summer’s evenings can be cool and dusky, and a winter’s night is usually sparkling and invigorating. The drive to town from outlying neighborhoods, lodgings, and campgrounds takes just a few minutes and parking is quick and free, just around the corner from the theater. Ticket prices are inexpensive, and the concessions sells freshly popped, hot buttered popcorn, candy, sodas, and other typical movie treats – at yesteryear’s prices.


In 1918 Harry Holland bought the old Opera House in Bishop, where the Masonic Hall is located today at 156 East Line St. In addition to the movies Harry screened there, he hosted all sorts of entertainment from dances to musicals, theatrical presentations, banquets and even basketball games. Kids sat on benches near the front for stage shows and adults were seated further back on folding chairs. The balcony held the projection booth and box seats along the side were sold at a premium. The three-story building also had large meeting rooms on the upper floor, offices on the second floor with the theater and ballroom space taking up the first floor. The entire building was made of wood and in 1924 it went up in a blaze of fire so hot that it melted the windows of Harry’s new concrete house next door. The flames also consumed a few nearby businesses, but fortunately no casualties were sustained.

Soon after the Opera House burned down, Harry and his wife, Belle, found their new movie theater location on Main Street, right where it is now. Movie magic in Bishop was only interrupted for a short time. They began again with one screen and soon expanded the venue to house two screens. The Bishop Twin Theater has been in business ever since.

Harry Holland was especially fond of children. He never turned a child away for lack of funds, and during the depression he often let folks in free of charge. Halloween was a special time at Holland’s theater and Halloween shows were screened for free for kids. The marque sign would invite the “youngsters” with “no room for oldsters”.

Who Is Going to Love It


There are seldom long lines for tickets or concessions, making a movie night in Bishop a happy, stress-free family fun outing. It’s casual and friendly and a night at the movies for two adults and two kids, with a few treats, might cost just a little over $40. Now that’s a good old-fashioned deal.


At the time the Opera House burned down, a projectionist by the name of Jack Foley was employed by Harry Holland. Jack Foley is the Foley in Foley artist. Movie buffs may be familiar with the many Foley arts; Foley sheets, Foley footsteps, Foley reels, Foley walker, Foley editor and Foley studio. “Foley is the audio recording of a synchronous performance of an action or effect seen on screen by a Foley artist.” It is art of sound effects for motion pictures.

Jack Foley was born and raised in New York and attended Public School No. 158 at Coney Island. One of his classmates was James Cagney and he met Cary Grant who was a stilt walker at Coney Island. Jack moved to California in search of better weather and was soon working in the movie industry as a stunt double. Soon he discovered Bishop and the Eastern Sierra and so began a lifelong love affair with the Owens Valley. He moved to Bishop and raised his family here.

Read the full story here.

Jack worked in a local hardware store and at the Opera House theater. He was also a columnist for the Inyo Register and a regular contributor to Universal International Studio Club News. He maintained his movie studio contacts and it was his ingenuity that brought natural sound to films at the very beginning of the “talking movies”. It is a trade that continues to this day.

Best Season


It’s always a good time to go to the movies. Escape from the summer heat or warm up on a frosty winter evening. Sometimes you just a need a comfy, dark space to relax and be entertained. One that thing hasn’t changed in all the years of movie going is … it’s a great place be with someone special.

Start or end your evening with a meal or treat at one of the many downtown restaurants and bars. Many establishments offer outdoor seating, which is deliciously comfortable on a warm summer night. Some have light and bright interiors and others are dark and romantic. There’s a world of good food available in Bishop to complement your movie night any time of year.


Jack Foley was one of the first people to recognize the potential of the Eastern Sierra as a filming location and, with the support of Bishop’s shop owners, he created a publicity campaign to entice Hollywood film makers to Bishop and the Eastern Sierra. He became a location scout and brought numerous productions to film in the Owens Valley. The region continues to be a favorite and convenient location for Hollywood movie makers.

When films were being shot in Bishop, the crews would stay in downtown lodgings for the duration of the shoot. The footage from each day would be sent down to Los Angeles for processing and returned the next morning for review. Each afternoon the stars and crew would watch the rushes from the previous day in the Bishop Theater and then go out on the town for dinner and drinks in the local eateries.

Check the list of movies made in the Eastern Sierra here – courtesy of the Museum of Western Film History in Lone Pine.

Directions. Parking. Regulations.

The Bishop Twin Theater is located at 237 N. Main St. in downtown Bishop. Convenient and free parking is located just off Main St. on Church St and an adjacent lot.

Ticket prices are:

Children (Ages: 3-12yrs) $5
Adults (Ages: 13-64yrs) $8
Seniors (Ages: 65+) $5
Early Bird Matinee Show (all seats) $5

For more information call: (760) 873-3576

Find out what’s currently showing at Sierra Wave Online.

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21 hours ago

Who loves to get up where the oxygen is thin??!! Mt. Langley is one of the many 14,000' peaks here in our backyard. If you are coming this way, make sure to check out the current guidelines and state regulations.
#KeepBishopOpen #KeepInyoOpen
Thanks, @wanderlena82 for this awesome shot!
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Who loves to get up where the oxygen is thin??!! Mt. Langley is one of the many 14,000 peaks here in our backyard. If you are coming this way, make sure to check out the current guidelines and state regulations.
#KeepBishopOpen #KeepInyoOpen 
Thanks, @wanderlena82 for this awesome shot!

Comment on Facebook Who loves to get up ...

I went up to 12,500 at Ski Apache in Ruidoso, N.M. My head nearly exploded.

Yep. I feel so amazing in high altitudes.

Very well done. I’ve never been over 12,000 and that just about ended me.

Why cant we post pics on this site anymore?

Been there a couple of times. Better than Whitney



I like those kinds of places. You can get a natural high. I think I've been there before. Hope to get back there soon. <3


Great photo! Looking great @ 14k+ ❤️

Definitely has a great view

...would have done it 40 years ago

How come females look so good after bagging a peak, but guys look tuckered out?

Mammoth parade starts at 11:00

Always head up to Whites Mountain for Ancient Bristol Cone Forest.


Been up there.

My friend Jack McBroom from Hemet climbed the highest 14 peaks on California in about four and a half days. Not sure that is still the record but I know it was for awhile. Sports Illustrated did an article about him.

Hayden Pester adding this to our list

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2 days ago

In case you need to do a little reflecting today....

Thanks for the beautiful shot of Honeymoon Lake, @biffnix
#KeepInyoOpen #KeepBishopOpen #MaskWashDistance
... See MoreSee Less

In case you need to do a little reflecting today.... 

Thanks for the beautiful shot of Honeymoon Lake, @biffnix  
#KeepInyoOpen #KeepBishopOpen #MaskWashDistance

Comment on Facebook In case you need to ...

So beautiful California gold 😊😊❤❤

Reflection pix are my fav 🤩

Oh my, unimaginable beauty! Stunning!


So where exactly is this lake?

Just amazing!



See you there 4ofjuly

Can’t wait to get back up there!

I love it!

I like that you can go there even when you aren't on a Honeymoon. Even single folks go there. <3

So which side is up? Lol Great shot 👌!

Maayan Damti


Can't wait for August 1st will be there a whole week

Absolutely beautiful

Sharp knife and a shave! Awesome.

That water is like glass!

How beautiful

Hot creek. Much good for skin! Be respectful of native americans!!!!


Hopefully we'll be able to go up there Labor Day weekend.

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3 days ago

The night sky here sure is something magical. 😍

Thank you, @Pat Pester for this beautiful shot!
#KeepInyoOpen #KeepBishopOpen
... See MoreSee Less

The night sky here sure is something magical. 😍

Thank you, @Pat Pester for this beautiful shot!
#KeepInyoOpen #KeepBishopOpen

Comment on Facebook The night sky here ...

Amazing! Don't see this very often!

The stars at night are beautiful. Miss them

Just beautiful. One of many reasons I love going there

Just spent 3 days there. Beautiful as always.

Missed my annual trip this past Memorial Day weekend, the beautiful Eastern Sierras Lake Sabrina South Lake etc were always so peaceful & tranquil to visit!

Absolutely amazing 😉

So beautifulth thanks for sharing 😊😊❤❤

13 days..... I We’ll be there!!!!

South Lake

This is at bishops??

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6 days ago

Happy Friday!! Ahhhhh, Big Pine Creek, looking sooooo good!
Thank you, @Pat Pester for the photo!
... See MoreSee Less

Happy Friday!! Ahhhhh, Big Pine Creek, looking sooooo good!
Thank you, @Pat Pester for the photo!

Comment on Facebook Happy Friday!! ...

Beautiful!! I wish I would be there!!

Such breath taking beauty! I so 💙 the Sierra's, and have many awesome memories of my times there. Thanks for sharing! 🌞

I love second lake especially for the view of temple crag

Just magnificent!

Great picture love Bishop

I wish the same as you Mary!

Was up there last week. Weather was perfect. Hiked up to Chickenfoot while I was there.

Still having earthquakes?

Been there! Beautiful!

Wonderful picture

Spent fathers day week there

Love the Sierras.


Remember doing this hike. Gorgeous

So beautiful

Headed that way soon! 🏕


Sure hope to get there soon.

Very peaceful setting.



What a godly view. On the hwy. drive you can see Snow on top of Mount Whitney mountains, so awesome during in month of June when its hot

Mt. Sill ! Sally Spear Molé. Stephen Busch . Do remember climbing this mountain Stephen ? That was an adventure !

I used to live in the town of Big pine many years ago

I wish !!!

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7 days ago

We love seeing folks doing their part to #KeepInyoOpen by wearing their face coverings! #lovebishop
Thank you, Chris Bubser for Congress for this cool shot!
... See MoreSee Less

We love seeing folks doing their part to #KeepInyoOpen by wearing their face coverings!  #lovebishop
Thank you, Chris Bubser for Congress for this cool shot!

Comment on Facebook We love seeing folks...

Thank you for doing your part. Just get used to it, we're in it for the long haul. It doesn't hurt to err on the side of caution. I would.

Best little town in the West. I hope you're all hanging in there. Stay safe so I can visit this fall!

I love Bishop because of it’s proximity to Death Valley and the Sierras. On a motorcycle!

A family hiking out in the mountains on a warm summer day..... with masks on. This has to be the stupidest photo on FB all day.

Ah, wearing a mask outdoors in the Sierra's. They're obeying their globalist masters. Good little sheep.

What a sad picture that this family appears to be out in the countryside ,away from people, wearing a mask..

You don’t need masks if you are outside hiking with your family.

Makes no sense to go up to the mountains for fresh mountain air just to breathe in your own co2

The masks with the exhale feature on it does not block your droplets from exiting and infecting the people around you.

That is not the Bishop I grew up in. We didn’t live in fear‼️ Bishop as lost it’s way. Sad fir a beautiful area ,

What time does the 4th of July parade start ?

masks are nonsense,, please stop

I really miss living there. Be back soon.

Enough of this bs. No way I would go hiking in the mtns and wear a mask. Just may as well stay in the cesspool known as LA County and breathe the air here with a mask on.

Hopefully the mask wearing works, cause the social distancing and all the sanitizing isn’t...

Wearing masks in fresh mountain air & sunshine. Just can't fix stupid.

More crying 😢 about wearing a mask. Pitiful little babies!!

Guess I won’t go this year👎

Jeeping this 4th of July!

More sheep

Looking good!

Yellow star,mask..same thing advocated by the same types of people.

No more masks.

Missing hometown

Lived in Bishop early 90's. Can't believe what houses cost there now!!!

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