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Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney

Mt. Whitney

The highest peak in the lower 48

Mt. Whitney, is located just west of Lone Pine, about a one hour drive south of Bishop. Rising to 14,496 feet above sea level, Mt. Whitney towers 10,000′ over the 4,000′ Owens Valley floor. The Mt. Whitney Trail, one of the world’s most popular trails, sees thousands of visitors annually climb the strenuous 10.5 mile trail to the summit.

How to get there

From Bishop, Follow Highway 395 south for approximately 60 miles until you get to the town of Lone Pine. At the only traffic signal, go West on Mt. Whitney Portal road for about 13 miles. At the Whitney portal you will find a refreshingly cool fishing pond, one of the best waterfalls in California, a convenience store with mouthwatering burgers, campgrounds and of course, the trailhead to Mt. Whitney.


Permits are required for ascending the trail and are available on line or at the Mt. Whitney Ranger Station in Lone Pine.

Click here for more details about Whitney permits.


Other area campgrounds include Lone Pine Campground, Tuttle Creek Campground or camping in the Alabama Hills Recreation Area, just about half way between Lone Pine and the Whitney Portal.


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