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You never forget your first time.

Your first time in Bishop, California.

Perhaps you were here as a child and have fleeting, but sweet memories of fishing with a parent. Now you’re all grown up you should come back to relive some of that sweetness and experience all there is to see and do here.

Perhaps you just cruise through this lovely little town on your way north or south along US Highway 395 and think momentarily, “I wonder what Bishop is like?” Well, we’re going to tell you what you’re missing. Stop, stay, and wonder no more.

Maybe you’ve heard about the Eastern Sierra where the fishing, rock-climbing, hiking, paragliding, trail running, sight seeing and – oh, just so much more – is world class.

We call it the “small town with a big backyard” for a very good reason. Come for an experience you will never forget. Pack these postcards with terrific travel tips for your first time visit to Bishop and the Eastern Sierra. We guarantee you’ll be back – often!

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About the Author: Gigi de Jong

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Gigi is “crazy mad in love with Bishop.” Since moving here in 2006 she has made it her mission to participate in as many of the outdoor activities as possible. She learned to snowboard, improved upon her very average climbing skills, took long hikes, has driven up and down innumerable mountain roads and 4x4 tracks, cycled and occasionally tumbled down mountain bike trails, taken to the roads on a bicycle or motorcycle – sometimes for fun and sometimes to commute, and successfully completed her first attempt at a triathlon. She spent 10 months touring the western US and Canada on a bicycle and after 4,000 plus miles returned to Bishop – for the beauty of the place and the spirit of the community. “My soul belongs here,” she says.

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14 hours ago

Visit Bishop

Scenes from Bishop Mule Days Celebration - don’t miss the last day of vendors, shows, and activities. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 day ago

Visit Bishop

So much fun for the kids - this exhibit is a hands-on wildland firefighting equipment. There’s also camp skills and junior packer activities all weekend. Bring the kids to Bishop Mule Days Celebration ! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Visit Bishop

Last night's concert was so fun - we hope we'll see you at the show tonight! Bishop Mule Days Celebration is ON - don't forget the parade tomorrow morning, endless activities, demonstrations, and shows at the fairgrounds, and of course, the Arts and Crafts festival at the Bishop City Park all weekend.
Photo: Julie Faber
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3 days ago

Visit Bishop

Walk through the show barns at Bishop Mule Days Celebration and you may get lucky enough to catch the teams getting hitched up. Here’s a glimpse of the Young Living Percherons from yesterday. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Visit Bishop

It's that time again! It's swim season.

There are so many wonderful places to go for a swim in and around Bishop. There's the city park pool. The Owens River ponds and artesian wells. The hot springs. There are cool dips and hot dips. There are lap pools and soaking pools.

Do you want water? We've got it.

Read all about swimming and other great family fun activities on our latest blog here: www.bishopvisitor.com/8-great-family-adventures-in-the-eastern-sierra/
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