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Bishop, California

Small Town with a Big Backyard ~ We thank you for staying in your own backyard for a while!

Bishop, California

Small Town with a Big Backyard ~ We thank you for staying in your own backyard for a while!

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Coronavirus Special Message
California’s stay-at-home order allows essential travel only.

Covid-19 Safety

Coronavirus/COVID-19 is a concern for everyone in the world at the moment and the Bishop Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau is committed to staying informed and passing along facts as we receive them. The health of our community, our businesses and our guests is paramount. We are encouraging responsibility from residents and guests alike.


Bishop Hotel

21 Great Lodging Options

Whether on a relaxing fishing trip, outdoor adventure, or just passing through, Bishop is a wonderful place to stay. Find a room at a downtown Bishop Hotel, Hostel, Inn, Bed & Breakfast or venture up to Bishop Creek for a wonderful cabin experience.

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Bloodmoon: A Full Lunar Eclipse

Immerse yourself in this celestial experience. Observers throughout most of the country will get a partial eclipse, where Earth’s shadow slowly darkens the moon’s surface in the early morning hours on May 26.

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Up and Down California in 1860-1864

Up and Down California in 1860-1864

The Sierra Nevada catches all the rains and clouds from the west—to the east are deserts—so, of course, this valley sees but little rain, but where streams come down from the Sierra they spread out and great meadows of green grass occur. Tens of thousands of the starving cattle of the state have been driven in here this year, and there is feed for twice as many more. Yet these meadows comprise not over one-tenth of the valley—the rest is desert. At the base of the mountains, on either side, the land slopes gradually up as if to meet them. This slope is desert, sand, covered with boulders, and supporting a growth of desert shrub

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Dispatch from a Clear Day

Dispatch from a Clear Day

Read local writer, Kendra Atleework’s recent writing about living in 2020 in the Eastern Sierra, where smoke and COVID-19 bring challenges, but also inspiration.

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Bishop is located in the very middle of California, where Highways 6 and 395 intersect and also offers public transportation and shuttle options. Whether you’re traveling from Southern or Northern California, or a major city in Nevada, you’ll drive 4 1/2 to 5 hours to reach Bishop. We hope you enjoy your journey!


At 4,150 ft (1,260 m) above sea level, the natural environment of Bishop changes quickly from the high desert sage and arid climate of the wide open Owens Valley floor to an alpine wonderland of pine forest, rushing streams and gorgeous deep-blue lakes surrounded by the mighty mountain peaks of the Eastern Sierra.


The “greater Bishop area,” which includes unincorporated nearby neighborhoods such as West Bishop, Meadow Creek-Dixon Lane, Wilkerson Ranch, Rocking K, Mustang Mesa and Round Valley includes an additional 11,000 residents.


If you need to warm your back, Bishop is a welcomed retreat with much (much) warmer weather than Mammoth. With 5.18″ average yearly precipitation and only 6 inches of snow, Bishop makes the perfect combo vacation – ski, golf, fish and bike year-round.